Pen Defense – Strike Pen Review 2018 – Does It Really Work?

The world has ended up being a wickedness, uncertain location. I indicate have you viewed the information recently? All we become aware of more than half the time is only on criminal cases that have actually happened. I make sure you need to see the reality of the issue also. Pen Defense

Truthfully, to date I have never ever understood what happened to us, people, that nowadays we turn versus each other as if several of us are killers and various other target! The scenario handy in regards to individual protection is dire. It requires added security, would not you concur?

It’s not that I intend to imply the government is failing in its function of supplying safety but check this out:

In a lot of countries, the proportion of the police force to the population is extremely unbalanced. As well as we can not all be cops. Allow’s face it, regardless of the amount of police officers obtain employed, safety and security stipulation will never ever truly be 100%.

This is exactly why crime rates are for life rising. People get mugged every day, raped, struck; homes obtain broken into, invasions take place amongst numerous other uncountable evil acts.

It is high time that most of us get educated on how you can safeguard ourselves. Just an ignorant fool would fail to see the essence of this. We have to equip ourselves with the methods to secure us from aggressors or at least give us a possibility of escape.

You can not inform when points will certainly transform against you …

… all you need do is be prepared and also pray.

Today in my evaluation I am here to tell you of a weapon, basic but lethal, one that could save your life and one that the bad guys won’t see coming.  Pen Defense

The Strike Pen

For those that do unknown just what a strike pen is, it is a tactical tool that is designed to look and operate as a pen however it can likewise be utilized as a defense weapon also. Lightweight as well as effective, these pens are used by security agents of all levels including special pressures, armed forces workers, secret service to name a few.

Do not allow their pen-like form as well as appearance trick you, they are not just helpful in involving an enemy but it can likewise obtain you from tight spots.

Take this example, for example:

You are involved in an accident and you are stuck inside the car just because the home windows as well as the doors won’t open up. A strike pen can be made use of to damage those home windows down quickly and also provide you a possibility to obtain out.

Several of the Incredible Functions of the Strike Pen

The product utilized to earn its body is a milled alloy. This alloy not just offers it toughness, yet it also makes it sturdy and last for several years. Its stamina also means that it will be able to do its features without the fear that it is going to break. The alloy is additionally light in weight making it easy to carry.

The very discreet style. The gadget has actually been made entirely to simulate a pen in all facets. This gives you the edge considering that it makes the target not aware till it is far too late and also the damages has actually currently been done.

Exceptional hold. This item has checked patterns etched throughout it to give you the most effective company grasp you can manage. This makes it best even for a person with sweaty hands. It will not fail you when the moment comes.

DNA enthusiast head. With such an attribute, you will certainly take care of to sample the assailant’s DNA which can be utilized by forensics later on when you report to the police.

Ultimately, it is a completely practical pen. It not only possesses a streamlined layout to provide you comfort and happiness when creating with it, yet it is also made in a manner that it could compose at any angle (also upside-down) and also in any kind of condition.

Ways to Handle Yourself Making Use Of the Strike Pen

Being used this weapon, you need a little understanding on exactly how you should handle yourself in different scenarios using it. There can be 2 instances in the case of an assault: Pen Defense

The Positive scenario where you see the danger in advance as well as have time to prepare on your own. Consider example in the case of somebody following you with the intention of causing harm.

After that there is the Reactive situation. Here you do not have any time whatsoever to get all set and also you are forced into action immediately.

In both circumstances, you could take advantage of the tactical pen. To strike, make certain you have space, otherwise it would certainly be best to gouge utilizing it. In a positive scenario hold it in your hand prepared to stab as well as conceal it from your opponent. When it comes to the reactive scenario, go for the close pulps such as the neck, crotch, and so on

. You must bear in mind that the objective right here is to damage your assailant giving you an opportunity to escape. Once you have inflicted damage, take the chance to get away before your assaulter recoups.

Getting the Strike Pen

It is cost its main site. I went to the web site and also found that there is an offer where you obtain the item for free as well as all you will certainly have to provide for are the shipping expenses.

Hurry while supplies last.

Need to you be out of good luck and find all the cost-free ones taken, they come at a really affordable price of $54.95. This price is incredibly fair considering their high quality. Various other such tactical pens are priced extremely as compared to this one, making it a very inexpensive offer in comparison to its attributes.

Truth be informed, a strike pen would be worth nothing if you just weren’t trained on ways to utilize it. This claimed, there is even more provided at the internet site.

You can acquire your own Strike Pen Defense Strategies at a simple $19.95. This overview is mosting likely to teach you on all the protection strategies involved with tactical pens. You will certainly be shown how you can make shock attacks that will create accurate and harsh problems to the opponent.

The Street-Smart Defense is also one more publication that opts for $19.95 also. This clarifies on various other protection strategies that will certainly help enhance your confidence in times of danger.

And also finally, there’s Small Vs Big which also retails at the exact same price as the various other two. Worried about the size of your aggressor? Melt away this worry using this overview as it takes you into a world where dimension doesn’t matter anymore.

Final thought

The have to always await anything has come to be immediate more than ever before. Don’t allow yourself continue to be unprepared. Buy on your own among the strike pens. The reviews on it tell of exactly what an exceptional item it is. At your personal time have a look at those client evaluations as well as you will certainly see how they inform of its performance.  Pen Defense


• The weapon is entirely legal.

• Its much less compared to noticeable nature makes it very easy for you to dupe your enemies and also strike them when they the very least anticipate it.

• There are those that are designed utilizing products that can not be identified at the flight terminal; therefore, you could travel with them.

• Having such a tool improves your possibilities of getting away as well as conserving your life.

• You will certainly be much more positive recognizing that you have a method of security with you anywhere you go.


• Once made use of, it might not create as perfectly as before.

Recap: The Strike Pen is just one of the best legal tactical tools you can have. It is not just quick, however also effective and reliable. You want to really feel safe as well as armed for an attack? Then it is the ideal item to get.  Pen Defense

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